TOP DESIGNER 2018 Competition

SMGlobal Catwalk TOP DESIGNER is an International Fashion Designer Competition headquartered in NY, USA since 2017.

Participating in the SMGlobal Catwalk TOP DESIGNER competition is one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences available to Established & Emerging International Designers. The mission of this competition is to offer a platform for Designers to showcase their talent on a Global Catwalk and gain the attention of International Press, Media and Buyers.
Winners will be announced in August 2018 and their collections will be featured on the Catwalks of New York Fashion Week & London Fashion Week in September 2018
Prizes Include:
(Prize Package Valued at over $5000)
  •  *New York Fashion Week showcase (BRONZE Package – $1500 Value)
  •  *London Fashion Week showcase (BRONZE Package – $1500 Value)
  •  $500 Cash
  •  Sewing Machine
  •  Magazine Feature (2 Pages)
  •  Additional prizes from our sponsors.

          *(Travel expenses are not included).


Votes are calculated as follows:

50% Online Peoples Votes; 25% SMGlobal Catwalk TEAM; 25% Judges at the Finals.

Designers Collections will be judged on:

  •  Creativity and Originality of Design Concept.
  •  Trend Interpretation
  •  Innovation in Design
  •  Craftsmanship (Sewing, Construction, Tailoring, and Finishing of your Designs)
  •  Design Aesthetics – Balance of colors, patterns, prints or embroideries
  •  Overall fit and balance of your finished garments.
  •  Marketability


Emerging Designer:

  •  No prior design experience required.
  •  Have not been designing more than 5 years
  •  Have not been employed in the apparel industry
  •  No age restrictions

Established Designer:

  •  Must have prior design experience.
  •  Have been designing for more than 5 years
  •  Have been employed or self-employed in the apparel industry (More than 5 years)
  •  Have been selling your designs.
  •  No age restrictions


  •  Register Online
  •  All designer applications must include your bio, maximum 100 words.
  •  Designers must submit 2 high resolution photos of their designs.
  •  Designers must submit a sketch or design board to accompany their designs.
  •  Each entry must be an original creation.
  •  Designers must also include a brief description of the looks they intend to present in the competition.
  •  Pay your one-time non-refundable registration fee of $75 to enter the competition.



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SMGlobal Catwalk events are photographed and videotaped. By attending these events you give SMGlobal Catwalk permission to take photographs of you or photographs in which you may be involved with others for the purpose of promoting our event and our participants.
I hereby release SMGlobal Catwalk and its designated photographers from any and all claims arising out of the use of the photos. These photos do not include photographs that you submit for consideration to be a part of the SMGlobal Catwalk event.

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- I understand that a one time non-refundable $175 registration fee is required to enter this competition.

(please make sure to write your full name as it appears on your application in "Enter description")