MaKala Williams

Name: MaKala Williams
Location: Jacksonville, NC USA
Age: 17
Biography: My name is Makala Williams, I am a fun loving 17 year old that loves to laugh, be goofy with my friends, play volleyball, reading, and volunteering. Hanging with my family is the one hobby I love. I guess others might consider me boring; when I turn 18 my hobby list my grow. Stay tune…

This is my last year of high school but I will be continuing my education at Coastal Community College, and will eventually complete my Degree in Teaching from Fayetteville State.

My first job ever was pursuing my dream as a model and have been fortunate to work and train with some extraordinary model coaches and Super Model’s. I have worked in numerous fashion show and have been extremely blessed to walk in two New York Fashion Shows. This has been a dream of mines since the day I set my mind to pursue my goal to be a Super Model. Well achieving my goals I currently work part time at Old Navy and I love the interaction I have with customers and being able to help them with selecting outfits that fit their personalities or their desire look. Below is a list of some fashion shows I have been blessed to walk in.

Cynthia Bailey Model Search, Atlanta, GA, June 2014
Jacksonville NC Fashion Week, Jacksonville, NC, September 2014-2016
Small Boutique Fashion Week, Atlanta, GA, July 2015
Winter Benefit Fashion Show, Wilmington, NC, January 9, 2016
New York Summer Fashion Explosion, New York, NY, June 23, 2016
Seventh Annual Lexington Market Fashion Show, Baltimore, MD, December 10, 2016
Fashion On Fire, New York Fashion Week, New York, NY, February 8, 2017
SMGlobal Fashion Week Catwalk, NY Fashion Week, New York, NY, February 9, 2017
CIAA Fashion Weekend, Charlotte, NC, February 25, 2017

I love volunteering in my community and helping others, so working with Tri-Counties Crusaders, Inc., I get a chance to help others reentering into their community by assisting with finding homes, jobs, counseling, and work. Even, though I am not able to be their case manager, I get the chance to research information, make phone calls, and watch individuals transfer back into their community and witness that with assistance and support prior felons return to their community and not reoffend.

My biggest accomplishment has been overcoming challenges and criticisms that I have faced by many. I had been bully for years because I was tall and awkward, dealing with this on a daily basis I had low self-esteem. After, receiving counseling I decided to try modeling to encourage others in my situation that there is a place for us tall and awkward girls. The critic received from peers, coaches, and mentors help me improve myself to continuing my dream. Through volunteering my goal is to be able to give back and help boost others self-esteem.