SMGlobal Catwalk MAGAZINE - Nov 2017

SMGlobal Catwalk MAGAZINE – Nov 2017

By Samina Mughal in SMGlobal Catwalk MAGAZINE

80 pages, published 10/30/2017

SMGlobal Catwalk MAGAZINE is an International Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Publication, focusing on the latest trends in Fashion and Technology and how this affects future innovation. The revolutionary “SMGlobal Catwalk”; is an International Fashion Movement which involves Fashion Shows & Events; Model Management; a Training Academy; this Magazine; a TV Channel and a Multi-Designer Store. We had a vision; to create the greatest, most… Find out more on MagCloud

We are officially an INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE………………

SMGlobal Catwalk MAGAZINE is now available for our Global customers in the following versions:

1. Premium Glossy Print

2. E-Book, Apple Ipad Format

3. Instant PDF (Viewable on any Device)

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