Arianna Black

Name: Arianna Black
Age: 12
Biography: is a 12 year old performer who loves to dance, sing, model and act. Honors student and theatre lover,  she’s a latin dancer who is specialized in Salsa on 2 , Cha cha , and Tango.  She also dances hip hop and modern styles.  Arianna is also a percussionist.   Arianna aspires to one day be a Broadway actress. Arianna has performed with AlphaNYC theatre of New York and and had a lead role in the offboardway show Witch xmas by Sharon Fogarty. Arianna has participated in 2014 Fall Fashion week and Plitz Runway show. Arianna has most recently been casted as a leading role of Carmen in her school play rendition of Fame, Jr. Arianna is excited to participate in this year’s Catwalk and encourages all young women to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.