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Deborah Jay Kelly is a well-known celebrity featured regularly on TV, Radio, National Magazines and newspapers.

Her Colourful career has spanned some 27 years starting as a junior journalist,  responsible for launching numerous newspapers and magazines as group advertising director to 56 titles, producing editorial content and writing and voicing TV and Radio commercials.

Fully responsible for Creating some of the first televised competitions on Premium Rate telephone numbers for the generation of high revenue streams and being utilised by channel 4, channel 5, sky tv (42 channels),cable networks, and magazine such as ok magazine. She patented this concept and started her own advertising agency at the age of 30 resulting in a turnover in its millions.
She now spends her time as a Reality TV Actress, Fashion Presenter, Red Carpet Host, Model, Catwalk, Ambassador for Charity, Beauty School Owner, IQA, Assessor and International Trainer, VIP Pageant Judge and a huge supporter of 26 charities where she aims to raise awareness of minorities, to overcome diversity and to integrate cultural differences . These Charities and Support include:
Marie Curie Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Cancel Cancer Africa, Mind, Diabetes Africa, Sierre Leone Refuge, Ebola, Tibetan Mud Slides, Indian Premature Born Children (I purchased an incubator), Tsunami African Orphanage, PDSA,RSPCA, Sponsorship of Homeless Children, Pattaya Orphanage.Disasters Emergency, Southend Hospital.

She organised her first charity fashion show at the age of 20 and this started a long-standing career with fashion designers, tv channels, models and entrepreneurs at every stage and every level. She believes that the ability to walk out on stage to face a crowd of strangers, to improvise and to adlib unscripted is one of her main talents. Having suffered a debilitating illness for 10 years which led to regular bouts of agoraphobia she is able to embrace and has develop empathy for all humans whatever their colour, creed, race, gender or sexual inclination. This gives her the unique ability to interview anybody!

She has Presented numerous Fashion Shows and Catwalk Events one of which was the Islamabad Fashion Week where she was flown out as a guest of the Prime Minister and Government.
Her Beauty School ‘The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training’ which was founded in 2003 is featured regularly on high profile TV shows.
My academy is unique, there is nothing similar. Teaching often takes place at a salon or spa, and often in my home with very small class numbers or one to one. I felt that courses should always put the student first and be relative to each student and their own specific needs.
Having had 8 books published she is currently writing her ninth.
I am an IQA (internal quality assurance officer) and our courses with the NVQ/VTCT are similar to a degree level with international recognition. Our students come from all over the world often with English as their second language and they complete their courses successfully every time.
My plans are to launch several more aesthetic beauty courses to my school ‘the angel academy of teaching and training’ that includes botox/fillers, lasers and mesotherapy.
Best Training Provider at Liverpool Fashion & Beauty Awards 2017
Winner of ‘Business Innovation of the Year’ 2017 at International Achiever Awards
Excerpts Courtesy of: The Showbiz Life