Media Correspondent (SMGlobal Catwalk TV)

Monique "Rebel" Jones was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and at only 23 years young has grown into a talented and strong independent young woman. Monique began writing screenplays at the early age of eight. Fast forward to 2012 Monique began video-graphing for indie artist Lyrivelli. Currently she is directing and editing projects of her own as well as for other multi-media outlets. Her current project, “Living In The Process” has enabled her to expand her craft to videographer and editor of her work. Monique is the head of videography at GreenStudioNYC Production after successfully completing a trial year to prove her ability to lead in this area. Starting in May 2016 Monique"Rebel" Jones has joined forces with SMGlobal Catwalk to present a project like no other; our very own Fashion TV Show; visual reporting of everything SMGlobal Catwalk and beyond…………… SMGlobal Catwalk is very excited to welcome Monique to our team.