I AGREE to participate in the “SMGlobal Catwalk” Show.

I UNDERSTAND that my deposit payment of 50% of the registration fee is due with my application to secure my participation and is non-refundable. Final Payment must be made at least 30 days before the Show to confirm my participation. I understand that all fees paid to participate in this event are non-refundable.

I AGREE to abide by the rules and regulations of the production manager, including working with the “SMGlobal Catwalk” Team.

I AUTHORIZE “SMGlobal Catwalk” to take photographs and video footage of me and my collection. All audio, video and still images will be used at the discretion of “SMGlobal Catwalk” in print, media and the promotion and marketing of the event.

I AUTHORIZE the release of said recordings and images for broadcast in print and media worldwide. I further acknowledge that I will not be compensated for my participation in this production.

I UNDERSTAND that “SMGlobal Catwalk” is not responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced items that may have occurred prior to, during or after the event nor at the event site. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep track of all of my personal items and I will instruct my team to do the same.
I hereby waive all rights and release “SMGlobal Catwalk” (including its officials, employees, representatives, agents, licensees, successors, volunteers) and assigns from, and shall neither sue nor bring any proceeding against such parties for, any claim or cause of action, whether now known or unknown, for defamation, invasion of right to privacy, publicity or personality or any similar matter, or based upon or relating to the use and exploitation of the Recordings/ Printed materials.

I agree that I have read and understood the contents hereof.